What is Goal Achievers?

What we offer and claim to achieve at Goal Achievers

Goal Achievers Is a Company Launched in 2019. Here at Goal Achievers we bring you cutting edge Health and Fitness training and lifestyle advice. The main goal of goal achvievers is to reach as many people as possible and provide the platform to improve clients health and well being, to acheive personal fitness goals such as: the dream beach body, improved fitness levels, improved sporting perofrmance, or improved functionality and modality.

Who Am I?

Who are we and who you will work with

Writting is the founder of Goal Achievers. My name is Ross, I am a passionate and enthuastic Health and Fitness Coach who has achevied multiple Olympic recognised national level medals in an Olympic Sport. I have a University level education in the field of sports coaching, further to this I am a qualified Personal Trainer with 6 years experiance working with a veriaty of clients within the Fitness sector.

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What You Get

Everything you get with our packages

Goal Achievers goes beyond what is currently available for those seeking to improve health and fitness by providing cutting edge personalised training programmes which are completed by the client and reviewed and updated weekly by Ross. This ensures that training with goal acheivers is progressive and you will continue to further improve your health and fitness aslong as you engage with the programme.

We have clients fill out a goal setting sheet so we can personalise there traing programme to fit their individual training needs.

A personal weekly Q & A with Ross is provided!

With Each programe provided you will also be given videos created by Ross where he will demonstrate the exercise and brake down key insights to ensure the exercises are peroformaed optimaly by clients.

We provide easy to follow Spreadsheets to track workouts and progression.

24 Hour email support with Ross.

8 Weeks Personal Training


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