There is no denying the fact that Muglai’s food is very appealing and has been enjoyed by fans around the world. Found in the Mughal Empire, this historic dish is a blend of Indian and Persian cuisine, which is why it is known for its traditional whole-earth spices, dried fruits and nuts, and a mouth-watering texture. There is a wide variety of mouth-watering delicacies, from the most popular Nihari buffalo and chicken bull to Shahi Tukda.

However, caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg, mac and saffron are among the five essential spices that are considered to be the key to every delicious Mugli dish. If you are a Mugli food lover like us and want some lip balm to prepare at home, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out the 11 best muffins you can easily make at home.

Here are 11 of the best Mugli recipes you can try at home:

1. Chicken bull

Real Indian curry, chicken curry is a staple for non-vegetarians. Made with a variety of spices, yogurt and many useful chicken pieces, this Mugli period traditional dish is perfect for any dinner party or banquet. Click here for the recipe for chicken.

Chicken Bull

2. Nihari Mutton

Directly from the beautiful region of Kashmir, this summer dish is perfect for delighting your guests with heartfelt, meaty and delicious flavors. This recipe is made with a lot of yeast spices and seasonings, mixed with pond and pushed until tender. Pair it with crème brቲlée, onion rings, mint and chowder and enjoy a healthy meal. Click here for a recipe for Nihari Muton.

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3. Muglay ulala

One of the best rice dishes you should have! The taste of the Muglaula will leave you as you want it to be. Made with countless spices and almonds and chicken, this recipe is perfect for serving with your next family and friends. Here is a recipe for Mugliula.


4. Mutton Seekh Bab

Made with a mixture of onion, ginger-garlic paste and spices, Dead Keima, Kebabs create a great appetite for every special occasion. Serve with mint and chowder, onion rings and enjoy this amazing dish. Click here for the recipe for Mithan Seekh Kebab.


5. Muglay Parata

Here is a recipe that you can enjoy for those who like to dig in the parasites. A popular Bengali street food This hot and tasty parata is made with eggs, onions, green onions and corn leaves. Here is the food for Muglai Parata.

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6. Nargis Kofta

Deep fried eggs are in a swing, this must-have dish must be! This recipe is made from hard boiled eggs covered with a lightly boiled meat mixture. Here is a recipe for Nargisie Kofta.


7. A bull

A mouth-watering lamb made with rich broth and heavy cream. This recipe is perfect for enjoying holidays and special occasions or dinners. Make it a team of clear nanas and it is a match made in heaven. Click here for the recipe for beef.


8. Galloti Kebab

Food from the Land of Nawabs – Luca cknow These tiny meat kebabs are made of real Nawab-type and are often served with ‘ulte tawa ka parantha’. Click here for a recipe for a galaxy.


9. Chicken Biryani

Biriani is the most popular dish in the country and when it comes to real chicken, Biriani can’t resist filling a bowl. For true non-vegetarian lovers, serve at Miriam Ka Salan and enjoy this heavenly joy. Here is a recipe for chicken birch.


10. Mutton Birni

A hearty lamb-lit bizarre that will amaze your guests! This recipe has a “doom” style of cooked, fragrant spices, herbs and saffron milk. Here is a recipe for Mitton Biriani.


11. Shahi Tuka

Finish your Mughal holiday with a delicious meal that will stay with you for a long time. Shahi Tukda is royal in all respects. Click here for a recipe for Shahi Tuka.


Try these real Mugli recipes at home and tell us how you liked them in the comments section below.