Over 40 years Working in restaurants and restaurants, writing dozens of articles on food, wine and culture around the world, and sharing her knowledge in classrooms and tasting rooms, one of Sumit Whitford’s interests is the art of baking.

“Baking bread like ballet requires precision, but astrologers like Prime Balle Balleas overheat weights and signatures and develop a sense of bread,” said Bal Tford. “There is no shortcut to perfect bread; Truly great bakeries build their skills from months to years of practice and in-depth observations. And the five senses are involved. The more you bake, the more you will learn how to differentiate by sight, smell, weight, and clothing at the end of each bakery.

Summer Whitford

Having worked for years in restaurants and bakeries that offer freshly baked bread, Whitford has completed her understanding of the micro and high temperatures that can affect the processing of bread and equipment.

“Whatever type of bread you choose to bake, it takes time to figure out what is best for it,” she says. Knowing what the final product should look like, smell, weigh and shape, and how it should taste will help you determine if your formulas and procedures are correct when mixing, refining, cutting, molding and baking. ”

Whitford loves working with newcomers and hopes to ease the process into the bakery, realizing that it is often scary for a beginner baker.

“You’re not afraid to bake bread,” says Whitford. For 14,000 years, people began to bake bread successfully, and at first, that brave baker was able to bake bread in a flour mill, a gas stove, an electric mixer, or special equipment. You can do this. Today we have professionally tested recipes and online resources to explain every aspect of the bakery. If something goes wrong and your first loaf is not perfect or returned, then evaluate what went wrong and turn the process into a learning opportunity. Restart and try again. ”

Whitford has chosen to share the following four recipes below: Foccia, Because it is a forgiving bread that produces delicious results for any beginner; Jewish oats, A more complex bread that uses traditional verification methods for malignant yeast; Brush, From sandwiches to French toast, is a popular, rich, egg and butter-rich bread with many benefits; And old school, chewing, boiled and baked Suitcases.

Baking for Beginners This focaccia recipe is uncomplicated – and shines sideways or like a star.

Caraval seeds make this yeast rye bread recipe appealing to earthy, delicious and soft butter.

This user-friendly brisket recipe is rich in moist crumbs and can be used for bread, dinner rolls and more.

You can become a favorite companion of everyone if you master this recipe for a chewing gum.