Lemon is a timeless classic. It is sweet, citrus and most refreshing. A few things made with sugar, water and, of course, lemons hit the place like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. But if you like lemon juice, don’t go for it. Here are five creative lemon juice recipes that you can try.

1. Creamy lemon juice

Creamy lemonade is making a big buck on Titock! The seasonal drink is made by filling a half-filled pot, then adding lemon slices, lemon juice, sugar, water and condensed milk. TikToker @hayzeegirldesigns also recommends adding crushed strawberries and strawberry juice for added color and sweetness. The condensed milk gives it a rich, smooth texture that is unlike any other lemon juice ever lived!

2018-01-02 121 2. A color-changing lemon

This color-changing lemonade is really magical! To do this, add a quarter teaspoon of butterfly pea pollen to a glass of water. The flour turns the water into a rich blue color. Then she added lemons bought in stores. As you pour the lemon juice into the glass, the drink will slowly change from blue to purple! According to Nicole, the chemical reaction between butterfly pea pollen and lemon juice changes the color, but it really looks like magic!

3. 19th Century Lemon

This lemon juice recipe is from a 19th century cookbook! The recipe for how “portable” lemon juice works may take more than a century, but just as it did in 1866, Ticor @Mort_ allie combines sugar, citric acid and lemon juice. Then add the lemon juice to a pot of water. Recipes may be simple, but here’s the point. Take a lemonade with you alone, and you can make a glass of lemon wherever you go!

4. Shiny rose lemon juice

This purple lemonade looks beautiful and tastes better. It is made with lemon juice, rose syrup and sparkling water and is decorated with flower petals. The rose syrup gives the lemonade a unique floral flavor that differs from traditional lemon.

5. Maple Mint Lemonade

Maple syrup and mint add flavor to this lemonade. To do this, Tikor @thatdudecancook starts by peeling, slicing and slicing a lemon. Put the lemon slices in a mortar and pestle with a little bit of cinnamon and simmer for a minute. It is then mixed with maple syrup and lemon juice, and the mixture is poured into a pot. Finally, it stimulates water and ice. To serve the lemon fruit, @thatdudecancook adds ice to the glass with thin slices of lemon, then strains the lemon juice to remove any lemons or lemons.

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