Sometimes we find it difficult to argue that people should cook in the hottest summer months. Why bother to turn on the stove when you can make high seasonal raw tomatoes shine in all their sweet-and-sweet glory? Wearing a Chilean-style and balanced lemon mask, why not grab a Dutch stove when you want to touch the cold green spoiled papaya bite?

But on your next vacation, it’s worth turning on the stove on Sunday morning to enjoy a great buttermilk and a delicious dessert for the whole week. Summer is not really summer, as it is the baptismal font girl (Itham Otolengi), a girl from the baptismal font we have never seen.

All of this means that the recipes you really need right now are a mix of cooking options that go beyond the heat required for steam nights and expensive bites. Below is a summary of our favorite recipes for summer: We can’t imagine going to September without our favorite recipes. We spend most of our time preparing new recipes and flipping through new cooking books. They will probably be too old for you.

Roasted clean vessels from sweat, herbs and honey Simply By Sabrina Gaur

Sabrina Guy says she doesn’t know if this dish is a salad or a dessert — I don’t know for sure. What I do It has quickly become a staple in my summer kitchen since I first worked last year. The ripe flours are baked in a delicious Greek yogurt until soft and caramelized on the edges. Everything is filled with olive oil and honey – and sprinkled with almonds, herbs and salt to create a delicious and tasty dish that you can eat at any time of the day. – Tiffany Hopkins, Assistant Editor

Roasted seaweed with sweat, herbs and honey

Sabrina Gaur

Easy-to-eat daily meals from Persian author, Sabrina Guy

$ 35.00, Amazon

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Roasted tomatoes from Night + Market By Chris Yenbamroong

I love this dish because it tastes so good and boring – and you can do it without having to turn on the stove. I usually have all the ingredients on hand, and I think such a wonderful way to show off your great summer tomatoes. This recipe is always popular at dinner parties, and guests are always asking for more! –Rachel Gurger, Associate Chef

Roasted tomatoes

Kris Yenbamroong
Garrett Snyder

Evening + Market: Delicious Thai food with friends by Kris Yenbamroong and Garrett Snyder.

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Oven-fried zucchini from Garden Kingdom By Bryant Terry

I always look for ways to improve my weekly cooking in a way that changes things without much extra work. Roasted zucchini is paired with some of the simplest and simpleest weekly treats in Bryant Terry’s latest cookbook, with a simple pesto full of greens and lots of greens. Taste. –General Manager Sonia Chopra

Oven-fried zucchini

Bryant Terry

Vegetable Kingdom with an abundance of vegan recipes in Bryant Terry

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Raspberry Jam Buns from Pure Fruit î Frosting from Small victories By Julia Tour hen

I haven’t finished Julia Tour hen’s new cookbook yet, but like many people, I’ll get back to her first. Small victories, over and over. When I flipped through the book, most of the dishes felt normal, but I found that they were alive only when they made Tour’s recipes right. They are simple and easy to prepare, but they are somewhat similar to the thousands of recipes you see somehow (yes, I keep those turkey balls like everyone else).

Which brings me to these jam coffees. They include a simple yeast bean curd (turmeric transmits you in signature care and lack of hygiene, if you are afraid of yeast, it teaches you not to) and is filled with raspberry jam purchased at the store. Fill everything with powdered sugar and vanilla cream and you have a delicious meal (or breakfast). It may seem normal, but it is transcendent. The flour is soft and fluffy and not too sweet, the jam comes out bright and shiny. And the cream part is a welcome addition to the cream cheese — a very cool texture that goes into the cracks of the coffee, making them moist and luxurious.

Here’s a summer baking project where you can keep family members back. An amazing project that requires care, but you don’t have to be afraid or spend all day making flour. Do it once and be sure to go through your regular breakfast report. –Emily Johnson, Senior Business Editor

Raspberry Jam Buns with Cream Fra F Fringing



Julia Tour hen

Little Wins: Recipes, Tips + Hundreds of Ideas for Home Cooking by Julia Tour ia

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Egg infusion with buttermilk from Abundant By Jotham Otolengi

You may have seen this food before; Included and glued and posted to death because both are (a) the cover of the cookbook and (b) also attractive. I do it at least once a winter when the eggplant in the farmers market is perfect for neglect, and it works like a little fairytale and thin Japanese eggplant with the world’s largest eggplant. You can do this in the oven or on a piece of parchment paper, and it will put hot (cold and cream) hot mixture on the nails. –Staff Writer Kendra Vaculin

Eggplant with buttermilk

Jotham Otolengi

Plenty of good vegetables from London Otolengi

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Singular from I am Filipino By Nicole Ponceka and Miguel Trinidad

Cinnamon is a staple of Filipino food that has been cured by cycling, bright citrus or vinegar. Add roasted pork to the mixture and the dish will be sinuglaw. Nicole Ponceka’s version includes fresh ginger, green chili, cucumber, avocado and cilantro as well as a full red flavor and refreshing bowl of red onion and fish sauce. Coconut milk softens the coating and gives some floral accents to the whole meal. It is ideal for surf-and-turf conditions: cold and hot, burnt and hot, sweet and salty. I like to eat it with sticky rice or serve it with large tortilla chips. – Joe Sever, Associate Editor

Singular (cured tuna with vinegar and fried pork)

Nicole Ponceka
Miguel Trinidad

I’m Filipino and we cook like this with Nicole Vonseca

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Corn, tomatoes and clam on toast Six seasons By Joshua McFadden

There is a cookbook that I often find, it is covered in dirt and he knows what the pages are from God. Six seasons By Gardener Whisper Josh McFadden. Although I like to make many recipes from the book, I always add recipes for corn, tomatoes, and toasted bread in the summer because it includes everything perfect for the summer. A single dinner or a full dinner party is one of those foods that will enhance any occasion. –June Kim, VP, Digital Video Program

Corn, tomato and clam with toasted bread, knife and fork – style

Joshua McFadden

Six seasons by Joshua McFadden

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Butter Mochi from Aloha Kitchen By Alana Kisar

This recipe is great for a big 9×13 “frying pan” This butter mochi is a dish for everyone on a barbecue or picnic. It simply cannot be stopped to eat. The texture is amazingly chewy – sticky-cream-bun, thanks to the combination of mochiko flour and coconut milk. It smells good with vanilla and is very easy to make: no mixer required. And if you serve the butter mochi immediately after it cools, it will hold a crunch on top of the cracked coconut. –Maggie Hoffman, digital director

Butter Mochi

Alana Kisar

Aloha Kitchen Recipes from Hawaii, Alana Kisar

$ 30.00, Penguin Random House

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Som Tm from Night + Market By Chris Yenbamroong

When summer comes and we find ourselves cooking in our airless New York City kitchen, this papaya salad recipe is always at the top of our list. Cooking is not necessary. We just had a hammer and a hammer and we ate lunch for a week. —Programmer Jonathan Weiss

Green papaya salad

Kris Yenbamroong

Evening + Market: Delicious Thai food with friends by Kris Yenbamroong and Garrett Snyder.

$ 35.00, Amazon

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