Everyone knows that when a recipe catches the eye, there must be something special that you want to try! Here are 10 vegan recipes for the virus that were released last week. They are the best, and they trust us so you don’t miss out on these amazing viral recipes from our blogs!

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1. Roasted VG Breakfast Hash

Vegan Crunchy Vegan Breakfast Hash

Source: A messy veggy breakfast hash

I used to go to my restaurant for breakfast hash on Sunday mornings. In fact, it used to include light eggs, hash browns, and lots of cheese. Talk about sleep deprivation. Not anymore. This Vigaki Breakfast hash is the healthiest version of the Vegaki Breakfast Hash, which lays eggs and hash browns and replaces them with creamy white beans. Slowly soaked pepper, onion and garlic serve as a starting point for a really delicious breakfast that gives you a lot of energy to enjoy the tail on the weekends.

2. Mango Raspberry Sorbet

Vegan Mango Raspberry Sorbet

Source: Mango Raspberry Sorbet

Imagine a day when you can enjoy cheap, healthy and delicious frozen food. Well, thanks to this easy-to-make, 5-ingredient mango raspberry sorbet, that day is finally here! Try this Mango Raspberry Sorbet with Mickey and Justin Chapman!

3. Cauliflower steak with sweet peas

Vegan Cabbage Steak with Sweet Pea Rey

Source: Cauliflower Steak with Sweet Pea Pur

Try a special dinner for these cauliflower steaks. Well-roasted and roasted with paprika, corn and black pepper, this cauliflower is fresh and tasty with Helen Dun with sweet peas. Sweet peas also add sweetness to food.

4. Simple sheet pan fried rice and tofu

Vegan Light Sheets Pan Fried Rice and Tofu

Source: Light Sheets Pan Fried Rice and Tofu

A crisp and smooth mixture, and this simple sheet of fried rice and tofu in a Robin Runner will blow you up!

5. Penne alla Vodka

Vegan Penny Ala Vodka

Source Penne alla Vodka

I wondered why the chefs took more steps to add vodka to the tomato paste. Was all this noise worth it? The answer is yes. Taste the vodka next to any tomato paste and you will immediately notice that the vodka thinner is more complex and tasty. A couple of tablespoons of Parmesan cheese (10 grams) of nutritious yeast and a traditional heavy cream for coconut milk made this brew suitable for vegans. Don’t worry, coconut milk will ripen alongside the acidic tomato paste, leaving the coconut flavor a little sweeter. Try this Penne alla Vodka by Kate Friedman!

6. Arthock ‘Lobster’ Pack

Vegan Art Lobster Package

Source: Artichoke ‘Lobster’ Roll

The lobster roll is a popular sandwich made from soft, fried and buttered butter in New England. This classic sandwich is easily prepared using a touch of artichoke heart, vegan mayonnaise and dill seaweed flakes. With this Artichoke Lobster package by Zsu Dever, take yourself to this delicious comfort food and take it to Maine!

7. Lemon popcorn seeds at night oats

Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed oats overnight

Source: Lemon popcorn seeds at night

If you are a fan of sweet-tasting lemon popcorn, these oranges should try Oran with Tara Sunshine overnight. The bonus is full of fiber, healthy fats and protein to start your day right!

8. Alkaline green juice

Vegan Alkaline Green Juice

Source: Alkaline green juice

Drink this alkaline green juice with Olivia Bugen to increase the amount of vegetables and help your body maintain an alkaline environment for better health and wellness.

9. Maple “Moses”

Vegan Map “Moose”

Source: Maple “Moses”

This Tap Sunshine This maple “banana” is simple, nutritious and delicious, and makes for a good breakfast or meal.

10. ‘Wings’ of Korean barbecue tofu

Vegan Korean Barbecue Tofu 'Wings'

Source: Korean Barbecue Tofu ‘Wings’

There is nothing sweeter, sweeter, and more delicious than a Korean barbecue – especially with this Korean barbecue tofu “wings” by Lydia Filgueras! Tofu triangles are shaped into homemade Korean barbecue dishes and then baked until the edges are small and crisp, and the dish on the outside is addictive to the cravings of barbecue wings. These are perfect food for any occasion.

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