How an Instagram page handles homemade recipes from India, as well as simple recipes videos that add to the appeal of home cooking.

For her mother, Doka Tica Masala, who saw a popular family recipe for artist Arushi Kumar, the “Feedback_Familyreps” on Instagram was a “wonderful experience”. The artist, who spends most of her time between Jaipur and Goa, longs to cook her mother’s food, especially this signature dish, which is a must whenever she is at home. I am a escort and food is a big deal; Chicken tikka masala is my favorite. Although my mother is not on Instagram, she is very happy that she did this, ”says Arushi.

It is accompanied by a short note on the plate and a video of the “process” with a list of residents what it means for Arushi. Not only in this case but also in the individual recipes for each home shared on each page. One or two recipes per week will be posted on the page; The contributor may be a family member or friend behind the recipe.

The page has been posted for about a year, hosting entries from across the country. Ramam is one of 150 unusual recipes shared by Tamil Nadu, Indor Indori Shahi Shikanji, Alo Poshto from West Bengal, raw mango fish curry from Kerala, and Gujarat Shirhanhan. “We want to make ‘everyday’ more ‘democratic’ than ‘F content’,” said Ashraf Abbas, founder of Foodlooking, adding 14,000 pages.

Ashraf is part of the main team that opened the SODE Kaprop station FOODFOOD and is the creator of the shows. Raja, Rasoi Awur Anya Kahanian Transmitted on Netflix and other networks. “After more than a decade in this genre, we have come to the table with a general understanding of how food and nutrition is lost across the country,” he added. This is probably one of the largest family recipes in the bank with almost a thousand recipes.

“Unique and unique recipes are available not only in communities but also in family kitchens. . Some of them were taken only by that family, and others may be lost. “We want to bring it all together, and we recognize the home-based chef who cares for them,” he said.

The epidemic has discontinued the presence of an app and social media platforms in the company’s plans to launch a food content ecosystem. But he gave them an opportunity to test his ideas on Facebook and Instagram. “The epidemic was an opportunity to get a glimpse of what the digital consumer wants. We selected a few recipes from over 1,000 unusual banks to see how the idea worked. The feedback gave us confidence, ”said Ashraf. Initially, the recipes came from friends and family and friends.

Beyond taste

Unlike traditional food videos, the focus is not only on cooking but also on appearance, mood, and “appetite”.

From the collection

“Kitchen” is a crowded studio space in Mumbai. “This genre doesn’t allow you to spend a lot of money, so the challenge is always how to make great videos while reducing costs. The design of our collection is Lego-like. We have six table options such as wine tea, hardwood and stone, six unusual window options, several rooms and cabinets, and a large collection of Velcro-supported tiles that we can exchange to create different kitchens. Although the shape is now to be filmed in a studio due to the epidemic, donors will be able to cook in their own place after the situation has eased.

Not all recipes are selected right away. In the process, four-member housewives cooked and the group tasted one meal. “We also rely on our ‘food’ team, which is not only cooks but also nutritious – ‘filmmakers, designers, writers, artists and home cooks’. This tasty food helps us deal with food-related themes, ”Ashraf added.

Contact the advertisers to learn more about the recipe, Including the story and the emotional connection. “These make it special, and there is more to it than just eating!” Says Ashraf.

In the long run, the goal is to build a community of home-cooked chefs who will collaborate and share recipes on stage. Asshraf puts it: “The attempt is to motivate and encourage the chef, not only by being a well-packaged resource in food ideas, but also by providing ‘selling’ ideas to help them grow into a craving and happy kitchen. ”