BURTON, MI – El Lucha Taco Food Truck rotates four generations of recipes to create homemade Mexican food.

Adam Mirles’ passion and ability to cook began with his ancestors. In the 1950s, Flute Chevos sold tacos in the hall.

“My grandparents and great-grandparents sold tacos at the convention, and they opened one of the first restaurants in Flint,” says Miles, the owner of the El Lucha Taco food truck.

The food truck has steak, meat, fried chicken and veggies, as well as cassava, tamarind and giant burritos.

Customers can get three sets of beef tacos for $ 9 for flour roast or $ 8 for three cattle beef tacos. Steak tacos cost $ 10 for three supplies.

“My burritos are huge,” he said with a sigh of relief. I say they are the size of a newborn baby. ”

Baritos are full of beans, rice, meatballs, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and salsa. Barito filled with cheese and dorito chips.

Burritos range from $ 10 to $ 15, depending on the type of roof.

Another popular item on the menu is the so-called hilarious hiking taco. It comes in a box of salsa, vinegar, jalapeኖስos, stew, cheese, meat, salad and tomatoes.

Linn Myrles, who started his own business in the food industry in 2016, grew up in the kitchen and grew up with his grandparents and all the techniques his grandfather used to cook for the family.

Flint, a 36-year-old native, started his career in a hot dog cart and eventually found his food truck and focused on the recipes he had learned as a child.

“Everything I do is home-made. When Gawak catches guac, I post it on the site. Salsa – I make my salsa that morning and use it with four great recipes, my grandmother’s recipes. “My grandparents were the biggest influence on me in cooking, cooking. They taught me everything, Spanish, food, everything. ”

He is 98 years old. He still cuts grass, does his own business, cooks, and is “as sharp as a knife,” says his grandson.

On Saturdays from 12 to 30 pm, you can pick up the food truck parked by Redline Brewery. 5470 Lapper Road, Burton.

The food truck is used for local events such as Swart Creek Farmers Market and for private or other events. Visit here to learn more.

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