Pumpkins may be boring, but they are not boring. They are the evidence of the weariness and inedible nature.

What a surprise when I was 20 years old to taste my first French cucumber salad. When I recently visited my grandmother’s wedding in Paris, I learned that cucumbers can be decorated with whipped cream and fresh tarragon. I was accustomed to “Sloggulion” with my pickle cucumber, which contained my father’s vinegar. This new dish was delicious. Beloved

The great-seed, salt, and crushed pumpkin is a process that keeps them from becoming watery once they are covered in cream, before they are thrown into their clothes. First she peeled them off, cut the pumpkins in half, and then used a fine teaspoonful to remove the seeds.

She cut a thin, crescent-shaped piece by placing it flat on a flat board.

She tossed them with sea salt, then placed a coriander-filled container in a small bowl, and then placed a thick ceramic bowl on top and weighed them down. For the tasteless cucumber, she gave them enough water for about an hour to drain the sewage.

Her cucumber dance removed unwanted moisture. She created a cucumber paradise by tossing it with whipped cream (a very rich, nutritious sour cream with a thick creamy consistency), a few chopped fresh tarragon leaves, a drop or two of white wine vinegar, white pepper and salt. . She spoiled it on fuchsia-rimmed clay plates.

The first lunch was served as a lunch, accompanied by light tomatoes tossed with tomato salad and parsley-shallot vinaigrette. And fresh: to satisfy the juices from the corner bag.

The following recipes are common and use two types of cumin in English (often called hothos). Common, sometimes called “cucumber or ordinary pumpkin,” are 6 to 8 inches long, with thick, dark green skin, usually covered with wax. In general, they need to be pruned and fertilized. English pumpkins grow in greenhouses and are usually wrapped in plastic wrap. They are usually about 12 inches long. Their skin is thin, and they are usually left untouched. There is no need to sow seeds.

In this family recipe, cut medium-sized slices of pumpkin into slices and serve with sliced ​​tomatoes. (Photo by Kathy Thomas)

Asphalt on the Great-Mack Cucumber Salad

In this recipe, I cut into medium-sized dice before placing the “cookies” in the recipe, and then serve the “cookies” as a ripe tomato paste.

Be ashamed 6 to 8 times


2 “Normal” pumpkins, peeled

1 teaspoon coarse salt like kosher

2/3 cup whipped cream, more if desired

1 teaspoon white wine vinegar

2 teaspoons chopped fresh tarragon leaves

Fresh pepper, white pepper is preferred but not mandatory

2 to 3 large ripe tomatoes, heirs are preferred

Garnish: Sliced ​​fresh chives


1. Cut pumpkins in half lengthwise. To remove seeds, use a spoonful bowl to move seeds from one spoon to another. Remove seeds. Place the pumpkins in the work area, flatten them down and cut into 1/2 inch dice. Place in a cluster in the sink and sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of coarse salt. Leave 1 hour. Shake the colander to remove excess water. Place the sliced ​​cucumber on a clean kitchen towel and wipe with a towel to remove some salt and cucumber.

2. Place the cucumbers in the pond; Add cream, vinegar, tarragon and pepper. Throwing Cush cubes should be well covered with a cream frame. Add more cream if necessary. Taste and adjust as needed.

3. Cut the tomatoes into thick strips and place them in a single layer on a plate or on separate salad bowls. Top tomatoes with custard salad. Garnish with chopped fresh chickpeas. Serve

Frozen Mint-Cucumber-Honey Soup can be easily cooked in a high-speed blender. (Photo by Nick Con)

Frozen Mint-Cucumber-Honey Soup

Be ashamed 6 supplies


1 peeled and chopped hothouse cucumber or 2 peeled, chopped and chopped cucumbers

2 cups honeymoon pieces

8 ounces plain uncooked or whole-milk yogurt

1/4 cup fresh mint leaves

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste, white pepper is preferred but not mandatory


1. Put all the ingredients in a box and stir. Stir in batches in a blender until smooth and completely clean, then stir everything together (if you have a large high-speed mixture you can mix all the ingredients at once).

2. Cold means cold. Taste; Adjust the spices as needed.

Breaking the pumpkins before throwing them is thought to help the cucumber absorb more. In this recipe, cookies are served with Korean goujang. (Photo by Kathy Thomas)

Sliced ​​cucumber salad, Korean style dressing

Destroying pumpkins and throwing them away has become a popular food trend over the past few years. According to the theory of disintegration, a slight slit in the skin and flesh allows the pumpkins to dress generously. In his most recent book, Recipe Jose Andres, “Vegetables Unleashed” (Anthony Burdin’s book ECCO – Harper Collins $ 39.99) shows a number of differences in the theme of a broken pumpkin. Here’s a version of it using Korean-style materials to make the dress.

Be ashamed 4 to 6 times


Broken pumpkins

2 English (Hottos) seedless pumpkins

2 teaspoons of coarse salt

Large zipper type plastic bag

Korean dress

1 large clove of garlic, peeled

1 teaspoon ground fresh ginger

1 1/2 teaspoons goujang, see cooking notes

1 tablespoon chopped rice wine vinegar

1 teaspoon vinegar

1 tablespoon canola oil or vegetable oil

1 teaspoon Asian style fried sesame oil

1 teaspoon roasted sesame seeds, see cooking notes

Cook’s notes Gochujang is a Korean chili paste, salty, sweet and spicy. It is sold in Asian markets, large parts of Asia or online in supermarkets. It can be substituted for celery chili soup or Thai chili paste, but without the subtle sweetness they provide a spicy warmth. Andres made 1 tablespoon of goujang; I cut the size in half to suit my taste. The choice is yours. Place a bowl next to the oven to cook the sesame seeds. Place sesame seeds over low heat over low heat. Shaking craftsmanship to redistribute seeds when they turn brown; Be careful as they can burn easily. Transfer to a bowl to cool. I use 1 tablespoon in this recipe; There are many, but I like sesame seeds.


1. Place the pumpkins one by one in a sturdy plastic bag and break the skin and flesh into small pieces with a rolling pin or a heavy fork – this will add extra knots and creases to the dressing. Cut a quarter of a cucumber length, then cut it into 1-inch pieces; Place in a bowl. Sprinkle with pumpkin salt and refrigerate while dressing.

2. Prepare the dressing: Finely chop the garlic and place in a medium bowl. Add ginger, gooseberry, grapefruit, oil, sesame oil and roasted sesame seeds. Allow the dressing to sit for 5 to 10 minutes

3. Drain the pumpkins and dry with a clean kitchen towel. Mix the dressing and add to the pumpkins. Serve throwing

Source: From Vegetables Released by Jose Andres and Matthill Golding (Anthony Burdin’s Book Isco – Harper Collins, $ 39.99)

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