More people than ever before are taking care of their health. To shed those extra pounds and strengthen their immune system, many are increasingly turning to low-fat plans and increasing their fiber content in fruits and vegetables. And the best way to start eating healthy is to add salads to your diet. Whether it is lunch or dinner, there is room for a salad on the plate. Green salads, made with fresh vegetables and protein-rich cereals, are delicious and surprisingly nutritious. It also keeps the body awake for a longer period of time. You can also add some delicious pieces of meat if you prefer non-vegetarian food. Salads with a mix of different ingredients provide a complete package: vitamins, minerals, proteins and of course fiber and other benefits.

We now have a list of 7 delicious, easy-to-prepare and healthy salad recipes.

Here are 7 healthy salad recipes for each season:

1. Greek salad

Homemade simple salad recipes, cucumbers, tomatoes, green bell peppers, onions, olives and cheese are popular with all age groups. Wearing a little lemon dress makes it refreshing and sweet.

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Healthy Salad Recipes: Greek Salad (Photo Credit iStock)

2. Thai-style chicken salad

This recipe is based on a popular Thai dish made from lean chicken, fish grass, lime juice, spices and fresh herbs. It can be prepared in less than 30 minutes and served with salad cups or rice.

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Healthy Salad Recipe – Boiled Chicken Salad (Photo Credit: iStock)

3. Som Tam

This salad, made with cracked and uncooked papaya, is a little spicy. This Thai salad is also called Tam Mac Hong. It could be at any time of the day or even for dinner.

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Healthy Salad Recipes: Som Tom Salad (Photo Credit: iStock)

4. Superfoot Salad Recipe

Filled with colorful vegetables, crispy chickpeas, avocados, cranberries and peppers, it is a good recipe for lunch and is rich in vitamins, calcium, iron and antioxidants.


Healthy Salad Recipes: Som Tam Salad

5. Egg salad

This salad recipe proves that eggplant is one of the best vegetables to roast in the oven. Combine lentils and tomatoes, and you have a winner.

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6. Coconut and avocado salad

This seasonal salad is a little confusing but contains the benefits of corn and avocado. It is high in fiber to help your digestion and contains vitamin B, which is good for your health. Maize also contains essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, copper, iron and manganese for the body.


Healthy Salad Recipe: Corn and Avocado Salad (Photo Credit: iStock)

7. Chicken and Cheese Salad

Small pieces of chicken breast and cheese are tossed in a bowl with mayonnaise and served cold. What does it mean to love in this recipe!

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Healthy Salad Recipes: Chicken and Cheese Salad (Photo Credit: iStock)

Tell us which of these recipes you can try first.