Monson is here, and so is our desire for some lip-smacking sandwiches and the drinks that come with it. And even though you choose eggs early this morning to start your day, sandwiches with egg whites are not really available during the rainy season. You look out the window, you find it raining, and all of a sudden you feel like you have something to do with tea or coffee! It is also important to note that we need something simple to prepare and it does not take much time.

We have compiled a list of five egg sandwiches that are healthy and weather-friendly, taking into account your winter rain needs.

Here are 5 egg sandwich recipes for Monso:

1) Egg and cheddar cheese sandwich

In less than 20 minutes, the boiled egg and cheese sandwich not only fills the sandwich but also tastes good. You don’t even need a lot of ingredients for this one. Packed with cottage cheese, it makes for a rainy day. Their main ingredients include eggs, salt, pepper, ham, and basil leaves.


Cooked in less than 20 minutes (Image not sliding)

2) Bombay Tous

This can be set again in less than 20 minutes. Pan-fried sandwiches with cucumber, tomato, onion and potato, this dish is also healthy and full of nutrients. Key ingredients include brown bread crumbs, butter, chopped onions, unpeeled capsicum, tomatoes, cucumbers, mashed potatoes, mint shot, salt, chatter.


Prepare this in less than 20 minutes

3) Boiled egg sandwich

For this delicious sandwich, we made an amazing combination of boiled eggs and toasted bread. The key ingredients are two toasted breads, 1 boiled egg and pepper (or oregano). The process is simple – slice a boiled egg and spread it over toasted bread. Sprinkle with some black pepper and oregano, then cover with another loaf of bread, and cut in half. You’re great to go!


This sandwich is easy to make (without image sliding)

4) Egg Coleslaw Sandwich

This is ancient and very easy to make. Creamy Colaw – – Mayonnaise mixed with vegetables and some lemon juice or vinegar – is a must-have filling for this. Cabbage and carrots are a must. This sandwich is delicious and rich in protein.

5) Egg moons

This open sandwich with egg filling is delicious and easy for all seasons. To make a sandwich you will need hard boiled and chopped eggs, bread crumbs, salad leaves, finely chopped onions and capsicum and a little mayonnaise.