World Chocolate Day: 12 Famous Food Personalities Share Their Chocolate Recipes

World Chocolate Day-12 Famous food personalities share their chocolate food distribution

Photo by Ivan Sung
By Lauren Golango

By Lauren Golango

July 05, 2021

To celebrate World Chocolate Day on July 7, we have selected 12 recipes from Moli Baz, Dominic Ansel, Heston Bloomingal and many more in your home.

This is if you want to make excuses to get involved in some of the Devil’s Choices. The fall of July 7 is just around the corner for World Chocolate Day. To give you some challenging inspiration, we have selected twelve chocolate-filled recipes from some of the most popular chefs at home to try, with eight delicious and delicious treats such as Molly Baz Chocolate-Kachu Chi ud-Ding and Peter Gilmore. Textured chocolate cake.

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Photo: Alex La
Photo: Alex La

Extremely easy to make with endless opportunities to change, Molly Bath Chocolate-Cash Chia Ding is a rich, nutritious dessert for anyone looking for a quick healthy treatment. Ud Ding is a great snack in its own right, naturally sweetened with dates and filled with cocoa powder and cinnamon flavors. However, for high-quality desserts, he recommends mixing molasses with yogurt and your choice of toppings. Find the recipe here.

Tatler’s Tip Molly gained an amazing internet reputation for the first time during her stay in Bonnets, but a decent user and Caesar salad lover has continued her independent career. Recent best ests, Cook this book, Is a beautifully thought-out recipe book – look bold and see for yourself.

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Known for her delicious recipes, Nilala Lawson has never been to a cooking school and has never received any professional training. This recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Fujuj Sundas serves “four very lucky people” and shows off its delicious recipes by giving appreciative feedback from fans who have tried it.

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Now an actor behind Bobby’s University of Cooking, Andrew Ria (also known as Babish online) has started making step-by-step videos of food and beverages from movies and television. Some of his most popular videos are from the sick movie Ratatwell, a rosary thanks to Ross Geller and a banana producer. Friends, And this recipe for Ned Flanders Spoiled Fresh Cocoa from Simpsons movie. This hot chocolate is sure to make you go “Oh my God” with two types of chocolate, using different milks and garnished with whipped cream, marshmallows, gram biscuits and more chocolate.

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The Barefoot Contont is a favorite of the food network. Among the many high-end bakeries, Beatty Chocolate Cake is the most famous – although she shares that the recipe is not her own, she is a longtime friend of Michael’s mother. He once offered me this cake at dinner, and I only begged for a recipe – I didn’t have to beg too hard, ”she joked.

Tatler’s Tip The addition of coffee may prevent some people from making this cake, but it also significantly enhances and enhances the taste of chocolate at the base of the cake and in the cold.

Photo: Sweet Magazine UK
Photo: Sweet Magazine UK

It is named enfant scary Throughout the restaurant industry, Marco Pierre White has trained (and often feared) some of the UK’s leading chefs, including Gordon Ramsey, in the world of cooking. But don’t be afraid – the recipe for an old-fashioned chocolate bar is simple and easy to handle for any bakery (plus, if you’re worried about the recipe, it won’t be around to give you an ear).

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Photo BBC
Photo BBC

From winning The great British baking is gone Linn In 2015, Nadia Hussein hosted a number of TV series, including the Netflix series, as a guest, judge and Nadia’s eating time And BBC production Nadia bakeries. In the latter, she directs viewers to share her love of chocolate: a large-format repetition a petit gâteau Ideal for impressing 4-5 people who go right with some ice cream Cream cream.

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The Manhattan-born bakery bar has taken the world by storm with its most popular products, such as cereal milk ice cream, milk bar pie (formerly known as crack pie) and nude birthday cakes. Fortunately for us, the dairy website and Christina Tosi’s personal website offer a variety of recipes at the Instrumental Bakery, including recipes for web chocolate chip marshmallow cookies.

Tatler’s Tip Check out her show at Chef’s Table on the Chef table to learn about the amazing woman Christina Tossie and how she translated her insatiable sweet tooth into a successful state.

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Photo-hot cooking
Photo-hot cooking

As the best seller and author of the James Beard Award-winning recipe book Salt, fat, acid, heat, Samin Nosrat is a growing force in the circus. This recipe for this oil-based chocolate midnight cake is one of the many great recipes in this amazing textbook. Slowly, Samson writes, “I tasted a very wet and rich chocolate birthday cake, and I was overjoyed. I was worried about that baked cake for days, so I asked my friend for a recipe. ”

Tatler’s Tip Salt, fat, acid, heat, Named after the four ingredients, Sami Nossarat was translated into the four-part set of plants that will be viewed on the Netflix as the basis for the great cooking.

Photo by Ivan Sung
Photo by Ivan Sung

Dominic Anceel is known for his talented mind behind the crap, chocolate chip cookie photos and other Instagram emotions. However, in the 2020 food book Everyone can bake, Ansel shares some of the simplest recipes available to the average baker. One such recipe is brown, paired with soft or slightly sweet caramel that can drip all over a chocolate base.

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No chocolate cookie wish from Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookie wish. Linn Recipes published in the 2008 New York Times have gone crazy worldwide. To date, the food distribution has a five-star rating on Newt’s cooking – with about ten thousand reviews. Instead of the usual multifaceted purpose, you can use cake flour and bread flour to bake the jack cookies and get the special food you want to bite.

Tatler’s Tip Plan ahead and be patient – the recipe requires the cookie dough to rest for at least 24 hours, which is important to get a much deeper flavor.

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Heston Blumental is a pioneer in multi-sensory nutrition and mindfulness diets. His innovative food, “The Sun of the Sea,” offers a repetitive soundtrack over the ocean with a real-life conch with a new Sashimi on the sand and sea simulator. The chicken liver paraffin is wrapped in mandarin jelly to make it look like a deception. The nightmare that soon fades when you cut the ‘skin’. For your cracked chocolate gate, this recipe aims to achieve the same effect by hiding the chocolate in the middle of the cracked popcorn. It has a surprising effect on high guests.

Peter Gilmore was ousted by MasterCh Australia when he announced an eight-piece chocolate cake with his jaws falling to the floor and the contestants were delighted with the idea of ​​re-creating it. “I saw that delicious food in the cookbook and I remember laughing when I thought there was no way anyone could do that at home,” said one cook. The most sophisticated chocolate cake base consists of a cake base, mousse, plantain discs, ganhe, dusk, cream, top disc and a hot pot that flows over a nice and challenging cake in the middle. Try it for yourself and see if you can run this recipe behind Sydney’s most famous restaurants – executive chef multi-award-winning Kuwe and Benlong at an unknown Sydney opera house.

Tatler’s Tip If you fail the most difficult test, Gilmore’s famous Jacquard Snow egg will be considered one of the most difficult tasks in Master’s history.

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